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The XBOX 360


</span>Microsoft lied! Shocker haha. Turns out they arrent going to have plenty of xbox 360's like they said. They initially promised to meet almost all demand by xmas. Well turns out that each gamestop was originally promised 150 xbox on release date and a little under 50 a week. Well they got an email the night before they were coming out saying they were getting 16 and under 10 a week. OUCH! People who preordered now might not get one till feburary. I guess this is what happens when you schedule a world release all at once instead of staggering. Less systems for the US.

I didn't realize that this woul happen.  I can't beleive they took back their promise from people who paid for the systems already, while people who show up to events such as Zero Hour Hex 168 (is that right?) and TRL/Drect Effect on MTV are handed XBOX 360s...I was bangin my head for not being one of those lucky people but I didn't realize that people who paid ma be te same way...
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