Purple Monkey Dishwasher (niketheplusle) wrote in game_world,
Purple Monkey Dishwasher

this is purely opinion...

I am happy to see that video game companies are making more games where you can choose what side you want to play as. I noticed that a lot of the older games (not talking about classics because they are great in their unique way) are kind of bland when they come to characters. I thought they might run out of ideas fr stories or views of the characters (character point of view) whatever. Then I see games like the new King Kong based on Peter Jackson's film King Kong. I think it is great how you can play as the Kong or as humans.More games like that are being created too. NBA 2006 is an example of how they are creating a new view of the characters...where you see how the character began as a ball player and how he becomes a success. I don't remember seeing games like this before...I could be wrong because I don't know every game that ever existed...but I still think it is pretty cool. I think they should continue this direction because it sure does make me want to play these games and spend more money I don't have. I mean that sincerely.

PS It could be from the success of axis when they put The Sims and The Sims 2 on game consoles...but I am not sure...
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